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Welcome to the Dockside Smoked Fish Store in Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Tofino is famous for many things, including seafood restaurants and fresh seafood shops. The Dockside Fish store in Tofino specializes in three different types of salmon, which is fresh, smoked or canned. This is caught locally off here on our coastline by local fishermen, which is then smoked by local smoke masters who has been smoking fish for over 20 years. Our fresh Chinook wild salmon is caught locally within 20 minutes from Tofino by a local First Nations fisherman, Richard George. When Richard is unable to fish due to weather conditions or work, we will still be selling local fish caught in our surrounding waters of Tofino for the freshest fish around town.

The three types of salmon used in the Dockside Smoke Fish Store are Chinook, Sockeye and Dogfish, also known as Chum salmon, are all either hot or cold smoked as well as a variety of canned products. We have 19 varieties of smoked wild salmon; cold smoked sockeye lox, cold smoked peppered sockeye lox, cold smoked chum jerky, cold smoked chili jerky, hot smoked Chinook maple chunks, hot smoked sockeye maple chunks, hot smoked garlic peppered strips, hot smoked peppered strips, hot smoked Chinook candied strips, hot smoked sockeye natural chunks, hot smoked chum teriyaki jerky, hot smoked chum honey garlic jerky, hot smoked peppered jerk, hot smoked Indian candy jerk, hot smoked sockeye candied jerky and hot smoked sockeye maple chunks. We also offer canned smoked oysters, canned smoked scallops, canned sardines, canned crab pate, canned lobster pate, canned salmon pate, canned smoke sockeye, canned regular sockeye and canned pink salmon. In addition, we also have a great selection of smoked sockeye salmon in cedar boxes available.

The Haida people of Canada’s West Coast historically presented gifts of food in decorated cedar boxes. Designed in this tradition, SeaChange wooden gift boxes display a silk-screened Haida graphic by an internationally acclaimed Haida artist, Don Yeomans. The box contains a gold foil pouch of wild smoked sockeye salmon, which is truly an impressive gift presentation of Canadian smoked salmon. The salmon in this box has been cooked until moist and tender. It will last without refrigeration until opened and can simply be served with plain crackers! It is available in 113g – 4oz or 227g – 6oz or 454g – 16oz. Furthermore, smoked salmon pate is also available in gift boxes and is 100g per tin box or a pack of three in a cedar box.

Traveling? We also have a great selection for those who would like to bring a little salmon home for family, friends or a little extra for you with expiry dates that run until 2016. Wild smoked sockeye salmon 113g – 4oz, 227g – 8oz or 454g – 16oz, wild smoked salmon jerky 40g – 1.4ox or candied wild salmon 70g – 2.4ox or ice wine glazed wild smoked salmon 100g – 3.5oz and maple glazed wild smoke salmon 100g – 3.5oz; All of the salmon used has been cooked in a gold foil pouch until moist and tender, and will not need to be refrigerated until opened. All of the wild smoked salmon used is an Ocean Wise recommended product. Interested in fishing with local Tofino guides? I have several friends in the fishing charter business that have top of the line fishing boats! Tofino has great fishing all year round, however June, July, August and September are the best times to come and catch Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, the occasional sockeye, halibut, lingcod and a variety of other bottom fish. I have to say, the guides I know just happen to be the best Tofino fishing guides Tofino has to offer. They are dialed into catching salmon and halibut, as well as having crab trap sets to pull to finish off the day!

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